Sister Wives star Maddie Brush Brown has been thriving in her personal life despite the recent challenges faced by the Brown family. While Kody is struggling to maintain unity among his wives and repair relationships with some of his children, the 27-year-old mother is focusing on her own family and finding happiness. Let’s take a closer look at what Janelle’s second child is currently up to.

Maddie, who loves sharing stories about her kids, recently expressed her adoration for her youngest daughter, Josephine. She shared how Josephine always falls asleep during car rides when they take her older siblings, Evie and Axel, to school. Maddie described Josephine as an incredibly happy baby, even in her sleep, and marveled at the sweet sounds she makes.

In addition to being a proud mother, Maddie has been raising awareness about her daughter Evie’s condition, FATCO syndrome. She has received praise for ensuring that Axel receives speech and occupational therapy to address his apraxia. On September 12, Maddie opened up about how having kids turned her life upside down, but she has come to embrace parenthood and is grateful for the amazing life she shares with her family. She expressed that her life is fulfilling, and they are genuinely happy.

Maddie has also been keeping busy with online endeavors. Besides being a full-time mom, she leverages her television fame to collaborate with various brands for promotional work. One of her significant behind-the-scenes roles is being an ambassador for a pink drink company that she and her mother, Janelle, endorse. She currently holds a “diamond” ranking as an ambassador, which reportedly earns her around $35,000 per month.

However, Maddie has also faced challenges, particularly with Josephine’s sleep issues. In a social media post on September 14, she shared that her little girl was wide awake at 1:30 AM, a situation she hadn’t experienced with her other two children. While she acknowledged that it will get better over time, she found it interesting. Fans offered tips and reassurance, reminding Maddie that being a wonderful mom and sleep challenges are common and improve with time.

Despite occasional frustrations, Maddie Brush Brown remains dedicated to caring for her children and continues to navigate the joys and discoveries of motherhood.

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