Janelle Brown, one of the stars of TLC’s “Sister Wives,” recently enjoyed a trip to Las Vegas with her son Logan Brown and his wife Michelle. The occasion marked a special reunion and gave fans a glimpse into Janelle’s newfound independence after rumors of her separation from husband Kody Brown.

Logan, the eldest child among Kody’s kids, was a fan favorite during his time on the show. He often stepped in as a surrogate father figure when Kody was absent. After attending university, Logan pursued a quieter life, but his achievements, including earning an MBA from the University of Las Vegas, made Janelle incredibly proud. Janelle frequently shared her support for Logan on social media, highlighting his accomplishments.

Janelle has always cherished her visits to Las Vegas, and during the holidays, she shared adorable photos of Logan and Michelle welcoming a new furry family member. Some TLC fans couldn’t help but wonder if Janelle had left Kody and returned to her former hometown, especially since she and her son Gabe weren’t thrilled about relocating to Flagstaff.

Recently, Janelle posted a photo on Instagram featuring herself, Logan, and Michelle partying on a rooftop bar in Las Vegas. The snapshot captured a joyful moment, and Janelle also shared a 360-degree video showcasing the lively atmosphere of the bar. However, she clarified that the gathering was for a serious cancer fundraiser, with Michelle actively involved in supporting the cause. Unfortunately, their other son, Hunter, couldn’t join them due to work commitments, resolving the mystery surrounding his whereabouts.

In another Instagram post, Janelle talked about having more fun in Las Vegas and catching up with friends over a meal. Logan and Michelle accompanied her, and Janelle expressed her delight in spending time with her children and renewing old friendships during her visit to the city.

Janelle’s trip to Las Vegas not only allowed her to celebrate her son’s achievements and spend quality time with loved ones but also provided hints of her newfound independence and happiness outside of the confines of her marital situation.

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