In recent months, the 1000 Lb Sisters family has experienced significant changes and challenges. Amy Slaton decided to end her marriage with Michael, while Tammy also faced a separation from her husband, Caleb. Both sisters have been navigating their new lives, but a surprising revelation came when Tammy expressed her disapproval of Amy’s new boyfriend.

Following her split from Michael, Amy entered the dating scene and is now involved with a man named Tony Rodgers. Reports suggest that their relationship is becoming more serious. However, Tammy has voiced her dislike for this new bond.

According to TheSun, Tammy referred to Tony as “a piece of c**p” and believes that Amy is rushing into the relationship without taking enough time for herself after her divorce. The source further revealed that Tony is spending a significant amount of time with Amy’s sons.

Tammy, on the other hand, holds the opinion that Tony is “terrible” with Amy’s sons, Glenn and Gage. The insider also mentioned that Tammy perceives the couple to fight frequently. Additionally, Tammy allegedly believes that Tony relies on Amy for financial support and doesn’t contribute much to the relationship.

It is evident that Tammy is not happy with Amy’s choice of a new partner and may view him as a rebound. However, it is important to note that this information is based on reports and should be taken as such until confirmed by the individuals involved.

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