Matt Roloff, known for his various talents showcased on Little People Big World (LPBW), has been facing challenges in keeping his family together, particularly regarding the future of the family farm. Jeremy and Zach Roloff, Matt’s twin sons, have had a dispute with him over the farm, leading to strained relationships and their disinterest in being involved with it.

As Matt nears retirement, maintaining the 100-acre Roloff Farms has become increasingly challenging. The pumpkin season, the busiest and most important time for the farm, used to involve collective efforts from all the Roloff family members. However, due to the ongoing tensions, Zach and Jeremy rarely visit the farm anymore.

In an effort to make the pumpkin season a success, Matt has been seeking help from various sources. Recently, his daughter-in-law, Isabel Roloff, shared a selfie on social media featuring Jacob’s cousin, Max. In the caption, Isabel mentioned that Max “killed the coffee game.”

LPBW fans have inferred that Matt is open to assistance from family members in managing the farm. As Matt is in his 60s and contemplating retirement, he has discussed allowing Jacob and Isabel to take on more responsibility during the festival. It seems that cousin Max will also be joining them in their efforts.

In the photo, Max appeared happy, sporting a long, thick beard, glasses, and a cap. The Roloffs displayed their excitement about welcoming fans and guests to the Pumpkin Season event. Matt has hinted that this year’s festival will be the best of the best.

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