In the world of “Sister Wives,” it is no secret that Garrison Brown, son of Janelle Brown, has had an ongoing feud with his father, Kody Brown. The animosity between them has been brewing for a long time, and viewers got a glimpse of it when Garrison took charge in Season 18. A recent throwback clip resurfaced, reigniting discussions among fans about the dynamics within the family.

Similar to Paedon, Christine’s son, Garrison also expressed a desire for a military career. However, Kody made him join the Nevada National Guard, a decision that toughened the young man and diminished his willingness to take orders from his father. By the time Kody imposed his social distancing rules, the relationship had deteriorated to the point where there was very little love lost between them.

Garrison Brown stood up for his brother Gabe, who had complained about their father ruining their lives. This put Janelle in the middle of the conflict. The tension continues, as evidenced by Kody snubbing the kids at Christmas in Sister Wives Season 18. However, the way Kody treats them does not tarnish Garrison’s reputation in the eyes of TLC fans. In fact, they applauded him when he told the family to “let Robyn have him.”

A throwback video shared on Reddit sparked further discussions among Sister Wives fans. The video, set to music with a bad-boy rap theme, showed Kody telling his son to obey him, while young Gabe looked on. In response, Garrison Brown referenced the Russian Revolution, highlighting how sergeants were shot because the soldiers didn’t like the orders they were given.

Redditors commented on the clip, with one remarking, “If you have to tell someone you’re the general, you’re not the general. Honestly, I’ve never seen a more insecure man-child in my life than Kody. If he was as much of a man as he tells everyone he is, he wouldn’t have to say a word about it.”

Sister Wives fans appreciate Garrison Brown for standing up to his father. They admire him for taking charge when his mom and Meri discussed Kody’s decision to prioritize Robyn. It becomes evident that Garrison’s contempt for his dad has been brewing for a long time.

A viewer expressed their opinion, stating, “He’s done with a baby daddy who spends most of his time with wife #4, thinking he can bark orders like the man he isn’t. Zero leadership or communication skills.”

Another person noted the expression on Gabe’s face, saying, “I love it. You can tell the moment his respect transfers to his big bro‚Ķ”

It remains to be seen how the relationship between Garrison and Kody will evolve in future seasons of “Sister Wives,” as tensions continue to simmer within the family.

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