90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 5 introduced viewers to Kimberly and Tejaswi, also known as “TJ,” who finally got married. However, for Kim, her wedding day turned into a disaster. Let’s delve into what went wrong and hope that her future holds better days than her eventful day in India.

The latest season of 90 Day Fiance disappointed many fans, and even established couples like Kenny Niedermeier and Armando Rubio faced criticism. Armando’s persistent push for adopting a baby seemed never-ending, while Yohan Geronimo and Daniele Gates were already unpopular among viewers. With the attention shifting to the new cast members, Mary and Brandon garnered a lot of haters, and Holly spent most of her time defending herself.

Kimberly, who claimed to be clairvoyant, quickly became a target for fans’ criticism. She failed to anticipate many aspects of her relationship with TJ and the challenges of life in India. Furthermore, she often came across as nagging, particularly when she complained about the apartment. She should have been aware that in TJ’s culture, family involvement is significant, a lesson Jenny Slatten learned the hard way.

On her wedding day in India, Kimberly discovered that TJ would be in charge of organizing the event, leaving her with no say in the matter. Even if she had a say, it seems that the day would have been miserable regardless. It appears that her spirit guides took the day off, despite her claims of first seeing TJ in a dream.

The 90 Day Fiance star’s wedding day started off on a bad note. In a preview for an episode, Kim revealed that she woke up with an upset stomach, every bride’s nightmare. She shared her frustration with the camera, saying, “My stomach was upset from the moment I woke up and I soiled myself.” From there, things continued to go downhill.

Throughout the day, the 90 Day Fiance star felt isolated as hardly anyone spoke to her. She struggled to communicate with TJ’s family members, whom she didn’t know well. Instead of experiencing a joyous day filled with cherished memories, she felt overwhelming loneliness. She expressed, “I feel so lonely. It’s not the feeling I thought I would have on my wedding day.”

To make matters worse, her upset stomach persisted throughout the day. Nevertheless, she tried to accept and participate in all the rituals. At one point, her mother-in-law, Alka, had to remind her to smile.

Kimberly’s wedding day turned out to be a challenging and lonely experience, marred by physical discomfort and the inability to connect with TJ’s family. As the season progresses, viewers hope that she will find more happiness and fulfillment in her relationship.

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