Fans of 7 Little Johnstons are eagerly awaiting news about a possible 14th season of the show. Although no official announcement has been made, fans are hopeful because Liz Johnston and her boyfriend, Brice Bolden, are expecting their first child together.

Typically, 7 Little Johnstons has two seasons each year, with a relatively short gap between them. Season 13 quickly followed Season 12, and despite rumors of a split between Liz and Brice, the show did not address those rumors. In the last season, viewers saw Liz and Brice house-hunting.

According to an interview with Amber Johnston in In Touch Weekly, the Johnston family is currently filming for Season 14. In the past, one season has premiered mid-year, followed by the second season later in the year, usually between August and December. Given that Liz is due to give birth in November, there is a possibility that the new season might have a December premiere, or it could cover Liz’s pregnancy itself.

The addition of Liz’s baby opens up the possibility for more seasons to come, as it brings new storylines and developments for the family. However, some fans have expressed their weariness with watching Trent and Amber’s TikTok videos and the dynamics of their marriage, especially since their adult children have started leaving home.

If 7 Little Johnstons ends after Season 14, it would mark the end of Matt Roloff’s dream to educate people about the challenges faced by individuals with achondroplasia. Other similar shows, like The Little Couple, have been canceled, and it remains uncertain if a new season of Little People, Big World will be produced after Season 25.

While it’s possible that TLC might greenlight more seasons, there is also speculation that a wedding special might be in the works. Many fans believe that Trent Johnston would not allow Brice to get away without doing the right thing, and some speculate that Liz and Brice may have already tied the knot before the arrival of their baby.

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