Tammy Slaton, known for her appearance on 1000 Lb Sisters, has faced numerous controversies throughout her journey. Initially, she struggled with neglecting her health, experiencing relapses, and displaying negative behavior towards her loved ones. However, she eventually realized the need to make a change for herself.

Tammy managed to improve her health and qualified for bariatric surgery. She also found love with Caleb Willingham, a friend she met in rehab, and they got married within six months. Unfortunately, Caleb lost his battle with weight loss and passed away. Now, it seems that Tammy is ready to move forward and has joined dating apps to explore new connections.

Tammy’s recent actions have sparked discussions among fans. Last year, she underwent bariatric surgery and has made significant progress, currently weighing around 350 pounds compared to her previous weight of 700 pounds. While she has been dealing with personal sorrow due to Caleb’s passing, she appears to be embracing the possibility of new relationships.

According to reports, Tammy has created a profile on a dating app. Her profile indicates that she is looking for friendships, chatting, and even long-term relationships. She mentions her involvement with YouTube in the work section and states her height as 5’3″. Additionally, Tammy mentions that she occasionally smokes. This revelation has left the 1000 Lb Sisters fanbase divided.

Some fans believe it is too soon for Tammy to be seeking a new relationship, considering it has only been three months since Caleb’s passing. They express concerns that she may not have had enough time to properly grieve. On the other hand, some argue that everyone copes with loss differently and should respect Tammy’s personal journey and decision to move forward in her own way. The fanbase remains divided on whether Tammy’s decision to join a dating app is appropriate at this time.

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