Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa’s marriage faced significant turmoil due to Asuelu’s repeated infidelity, which they discussed extensively during their appearance on 90 Day: The Last Resort’s couples therapy. Asuelu’s multiple instances of cheating left fans of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance feeling disgusted, and rumors of their marriage falling apart started circulating about a year ago.

The couple had been experiencing difficulties for some time, including financial struggles and an imbalance in parenting responsibilities, with most of the burden falling on Kalani. These challenges were often attributed to clashes between their respective cultures. Therefore, it wasn’t surprising to TLC viewers when Asuelu made a cryptic comment about not knowing where his wife was.

Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa initially appeared on Season 6 of the main 90 Day Fiance series and later joined 90 Day: The Last Resort in 2023, seeking help to salvage their marriage. Asuelu’s actions during a visit to Samoa, where he engaged in intimate activities with another woman he met at a bar, further strained their relationship. When Asuelu developed a yeast infection in his mouth, Kalani deduced that he had engaged in oral sex with someone else.

Fans of the show grew increasingly disgusted as more instances of Asuelu’s cheating came to light. Accusations arose that he had gone online and paid other women to send him explicit photos, a behavior that appalled viewers. It became apparent that he had cheated at least ten times in this manner, illustrating that cheating doesn’t necessarily require physical contact with another person.

While Kalani Faagata found comfort in a new romantic connection, she was granted a “hall pass” by her husband. This allowed both of them to engage in extramarital activities, which may have contributed to her belief that their marriage could still be saved. Despite the infidelity, she seemed to love Asuelu, but he appeared oblivious to the fact that his behavior was unacceptable. This lack of awareness puzzled viewers, as it is commonly understood that cheating is not acceptable in a committed relationship.

In the latest episode of The Last Resort, Kalani Faagata confronted Asuelu Pulaa about his scandalous behavior, leading him to finally realize the extent of his wrongdoing. People Magazine reported that Asuelu admitted, “My parents didn’t [teach] me. I didn’t have all of this experience.” While this may seem like a feeble excuse, Kalani actually supported him by revealing that she had experienced advances from other men, including some of Asuelu’s own family members, while in Samoa.

Ultimately, Asuelu acknowledged his remorse and expressed that Kalani deserved better than him. He professed his love for her and a desire to repair their marriage, but it may be too late. Kalani stated, “it’s just too late now,” indicating that she may have reached her breaking point and doesn’t believe their relationship can be salvaged. The outcome of their marriage remains uncertain as the events of their journey unfold on the show.

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