Fans of Welcome to Plathville are questioning whether Barry and Moriah Plath are hypocrites after a surprising revelation in the latest episode. A connection to satanism was noticed, and fans have taken to discussing it online. The discovery has raised questions about Moriah’s identity and her level of concern regarding others’ beliefs, prompting fans to speculate on the implications.

Moriah Plath’s faith journey has been a central storyline in Season 5 of WTP. In one episode, she was baptized by her father, Barry Plath, emphasizing her desire to live a life rooted in faith. However, in the recent episode aired on October 3, fans saw Moriah getting another tattoo during a trip. This time, she chose to have the word “rebel” inked on her arm.

One fan on Reddit drew attention to the tattoo artist wearing a Satanic Temple sweatshirt, which surprised viewers considering Moriah’s religious discussions this season. Fans find it peculiar that Moriah and her father, Barry Plath, would support a tattoo artist who might be associated with the Satanic Temple, given Moriah’s recent focus on her faith journey. While wearing a sweatshirt is not definitive proof of involvement in the Satanic Temple, it does raise questions about the tattoo artist’s religious affiliation.

Opinions vary on whether Moriah and Barry noticed or cared about the sweatshirt. Some speculate that Barry, attempting to be less strict and more of a friend to his children, may have overlooked this detail, possibly impacting his relationship with Moriah. One fan commented, “I doubt seriously if they cared. Barry is too worried about being a friend instead of a father. And Moriah has looked witchy for a while now.”

Others suggest that Moriah may not have been aware of her tattoo artist’s religious views beforehand. It’s possible that she prioritized finding a skilled artist rather than considering their religious or personal beliefs. While some individuals thoroughly research the artists they support, Moriah may not have placed as much importance on that aspect.

A TLC viewer shared, “I have tattoos and generally don’t care about my artist’s religious views, just their talent.”

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