Fans of Welcome to Plathville are questioning whether Moriah Plath is a hypocrite in light of the family’s credit card drama and her alleged debt to her brother, Ethan. The ongoing conflict within the Plath family revolves around Ethan and Olivia’s claim that Kim, their mother, stole money from Ethan by using his credit card without repaying him. However, fans have noticed that despite taking sides against Ethan and Olivia, Moriah may not be innocent in the situation.

In an episode of Welcome to Plathville, viewers caught a glimpse of a whiteboard where Ethan listed the amount of money he claims Moriah owes him. The total includes rent, utilities, and tables, amounting to over $1,000.

Fans on Reddit are now criticizing Moriah for her alleged debt to Ethan and pointing out her hypocrisy in the credit card drama. They argue that she has no room to take a stance and side with Kim, who is accused of stealing from Ethan, when Moriah herself owes her brother a significant amount of money. Fans find it hypocritical for Moriah to be indignant about the money situation with their mother while neglecting her own financial obligations to her brother.

One fan expressed their perspective, stating, “For someone so up in arms about the money situation with their mom, it’s pretty hypocritical to not pay your rent and just leave. I don’t care if it’s a family member, that is really not cool of her and she’s very much in the wrong there.”

Others have criticized Moriah for spending money on tattoos and non-essential items while still owing her brother money. One viewer chimed in, recalling a previous season where it was mentioned that Moriah’s expenses were covered by her family due to her alleged depression and unemployment.

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