On the show “The Last Resort,” 90 Day Fiancé star Jovi Dufren has been facing difficulties due to his frat boy lifestyle, which his wife Yara Zaya finds challenging to handle. While Yara had previously kept a major secret from Jovi about still being on birth control, he now has something significant to share with her.

In a sneak peek from ET, it is revealed that Jovi has a secret that he has shared with his mother but not with Yara. This revelation comes during a therapy session with Jovi, Yara, and his mother. It turns out that Jovi had the opportunity to work closer to home, which would allow him more time with their daughter, Mylah, and his wife. However, he did not inform Yara about this opportunity, believing that she would not understand why he declined the job.

Yara has expressed her unhappiness with Jovi being away for long periods, leaving her to take care of their daughter alone. The footage shows her expressing her desire for Jovi to be home more often. Keeping this job opportunity a secret from her has upset her even further.

The challenge for this 90 Day Fiancé couple lies in the fact that Jovi wants more children but is unwilling to take a job closer to home. This situation calls for compromise between them, especially considering their frequent travel with Mylah. It appears that Jovi will need to make some choices in order to work on saving their marriage.

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