Christine Brown, star of TLC’s Sister Wives, recently got married to David Wooley, and fans have been eager to know who from the Sister Wives family attended the wedding. Let’s delve into the details.

Christine and David’s wedding took place at Red Cliffs Lodge in Utah and was described by Christine as a “fairytale” event. Despite the stress of planning and potential family drama, the couple was able to have their dream day. The ceremony was held with a picturesque view, and afterwards, they joined their 330 guests under a decorated tent for a joyous celebration.

Janelle Brown, Christine’s close friend and Sister Wives co-star, was present at the wedding. Janelle has remained close to Christine even after their separation from Kody Brown. Christine left Kody in 2021 after 25 years of marriage, and they share six children together. Janelle left Kody about a year after Christine. They had nearly 30 years of spiritual marriage and six children together as well. Both Christine and Janelle, along with their children, have distanced themselves from Kody.

Interestingly, Kody Brown and his other wife, Robyn, were not on the guest list for Christine’s wedding. Meri Brown, another wife of Kody, was also not part of the event. It seems that Janelle was the only Sister Wives co-star in attendance.

Christine made it clear to David from the beginning of their relationship that she had a lot of children and that she has a sister wife, referring to Janelle, who will continue to be part of her life. Janelle has been supportive of Christine’s recent life changes, including her engagement to David. She expressed her excitement by commenting “hurray” with multiple exclamation points on Christine’s engagement announcement and shared the post on her own Instagram Story, showing her happiness for Christine and David.

Overall, Christine Brown’s wedding was a special day for her and David, and Janelle Brown was there to support her as a close friend and sister wife.

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