As of October 2023, it is unclear whether Kylen Smith and Jason Korpi from TLC’s “Unexpected” are still together. In Season 5, the cast expressed their disapproval of Jason and urged Kylen to leave him during the tell-all episode. However, it is uncertain whether Kylen heeded their advice or if she is still in a relationship with Jason, the father of her son, Xavier.

With the upcoming Season 6 premiere announcement yet to be made, fans are aware of the returning and departing cast members. Tiarra Boisseau and her family have confirmed that they will not be returning, including her sister Tyra, who recently gave birth with Alex Wilson. Emersyn Potter, a newcomer in Season 5, expressed interest in continuing on the show. Ultimately, only Jenna Ronan and Lilly Bennett were confirmed as part of the returning cast.

A Reddit thread was created to discuss the status of Kylen and Jason’s relationship. The original poster asked if anyone had heard whether they were still together as of October 8th, 2023. They also mentioned seeing rumors of a fake split for clickbait purposes. In response, one Redditor speculated that the couple might still be together and that Xavier is still in their custody. They noted that Jason’s Instagram profile picture still featured him, Kylen, and Xavier, although he had not posted anything since April 2022. Kylen also had a profile picture with Jason but had not shared any new content for over a year and a half.

It has been approximately a year since any known trouble involving Jason Korpi, according to information available to “Unexpected” fans. He had faced legal consequences toward the end of 2022. As long as there have been no recent reports, it is possible that he and Kylen are still together and happily raising their two-year-old son, Xavier. Hopefully, both Kylen and Jason have learned and grown from their experiences, and fans may receive a positive update on their relationship in the future.

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