Fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life have been expressing their disappointment with Whitney Way Thore’s behavior in the current season, labeling her as ‘classless’ due to her blatant disrespect towards others. The emotional nature of this season, following the loss of Babs Thore, has heightened tensions within the family.

Whitney encouraged her father, Glenn Thore, to create a bucket list and reconnect with his long-lost daughter, Angie, who was put up for adoption in 1968. The family has embarked on a journey to Alabama to meet Angie and her extended family. However, fans have taken issue with Whitney’s behavior upon entering Alabama, perceiving her to be stereotyping and being rude to her newfound family.

A Reddit thread was initiated by a fan who expressed annoyance at Whitney’s stereotyping of her Alabama family, questioning if they would feel offended watching the show. Fans have noticed a pattern of disrespect from Whitney towards her friends and now her new family. Some viewers commented on her lack of filter and class, citing examples such as peeing in hot tubs, wearing a cow suit on national TV, and mispronouncing words. They argue that she is in no position to judge others when her own actions could be considered questionable.

Interestingly, Glenn, Whitney’s father, has called her out on her behavior. Viewers appreciated his response and admired how he asked her to speak properly and not embarrass him. Glenn has been eagerly anticipating meeting his newfound family, and it is crucial for him to make a good impression. However, Whitney’s behavior has made it all about herself, diverting attention away from the significance of this family reunion. It remains to be seen how Angie will react when she sees Whitney’s true nature during their time together.

The ongoing tension between Whitney and her newfound family has left fans disheartened and critical of her actions, deeming her behavior as disrespectful and lacking in class.

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