There are growing concerns among viewers of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way regarding the behavior of Sarper and Shekinah, a couple featured on the show. Shekinah relocated to Turkey to be with Sarper, but it appears that she may not have been fully aware of his true nature. Now that they are spending more time together, some fans speculate whether Sarper’s negative traits have influenced her behavior.

When Sarper and Shekinah were introduced on the show, they seemed like an interesting match. However, viewers quickly noticed Sarper’s odd and strict demeanor. Shekinah, who had undergone significant physical changes since her previous marriage, fell in love with Sarper, a former dancer who claimed to have been with 2,500 women. He expressed a desire to commit to Shekinah, prompting her to move to Turkey.

During their time on the show, Sarper’s behavior raised red flags. Shekinah requested a new bed due to his extensive history with other women, but he failed to fulfill her request. Sarper also imposed a specific weight requirement on Shekinah and expressed disappointment when she exceeded it by four pounds. Despite her plea for him not to train other women, he continued to do so in front of her and even threw her lollipop.

It seems that Sarper often disregards Shekinah’s feelings, and there are concerns that this behavior may be rubbing off on her. According to MerryPants, Shekinah engaged in mocking behavior on the 90 Day Fiancé official page, specifically targeting fellow cast member Holly. Holly had expressed frustration after oversleeping and missing her eyelash appointment on her wedding day. Instead of showing compassion, Shekinah chimed in with a comment about Holly’s nails, seemingly making light of the situation.

Sarper also joined in, sharing information about the cost of nail services in both Turkey and America. However, his comments were met with criticism from followers who felt that the couple had no right to engage in bullying behavior. The backlash from fans suggests that the couple’s actions may have consequences for them during the show’s tell-all segment.

As the season progresses, it remains to be seen how Sarper and Shekinah’s relationship will develop and whether they will address these concerns.

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