In a recent video uploaded to her Instagram Stories, Tori Roloff, star of TLC’s Little People, Big World (LPBW), broke down and expressed her emotions. She began by explaining that she was becoming “so emotional” due to the number of people who have reached out to her.

Tori reflected on the human desire for connection as people age. She observed that individuals seek circles of people to spend time with, to relate to, and, most importantly, to uplift and support one another. However, she acknowledged that the world she lives in is currently broken, with many people not getting along or disliking each other.

As Tori became overwhelmed, she expressed her wish for a different world, where people could get along and find groups to connect with. She questioned why people can’t spend more time supporting and encouraging each other.

Tori Roloff mentioned that people have reached out to her on social media to express gratitude for introducing them to various communities where they could connect with like-minded individuals and find their “hype people.” Despite not always responding to these messages, she acknowledged that she sees and reads them, and it brings her joy to know that she has helped many individuals find a sense of community.

However, Tori also acknowledged that being in the reality TV spotlight exposes her to negativity and judgment from less positive fans. This negativity contributes to the sense of living in a “broken world” that she referred to in her emotional video.

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