7 Little Johnstons star Liz Johnston is radiating with joy as she proudly showcases her baby bump in a series of delightful photos. The expectant mother, along with her boyfriend Brice Bolden, will soon welcome their little bundle of joy into the world. After keeping Liz’s pregnancy a secret for several months, they recently shared the exciting news with their fans on social media. Now, fans are treated to a glimpse of Liz’s blossoming belly in these beautiful pictures.

During a family trip to Florida, the Johnstons took the opportunity to reconnect with their fellow Little People friends and family. Trent Johnston, Liz’s father, expressed his excitement about becoming a grandpa in an Instagram post during the trip, noting that the next time they visit, they’ll have a grandbaby in tow.

Amber Johnston, Liz’s mother, also shared some heartwarming photos on Facebook. In these snapshots, Liz glows with happiness as she proudly displays her baby bump. One photo captures Liz, Amber, and Liz’s siblings, Emma and Anna, together. Liz wears a black babydoll-style top that accentuates her growing belly, paired with shorts and a ponytail. Another photo features Liz and Brice at the airport, with Liz wearing a brown version of the same top and black shorts. Once again, her baby bump takes center stage as she beams with joy.

While Liz hasn’t publicly revealed the exact due date, she announced that her baby is expected to arrive in November 2023. Given that she is already quite far along in her pregnancy, fans can anticipate the newest addition to the Johnston family to arrive very soon. The family and fans alike eagerly await the safe arrival of the little one, bringing even more love and joy into their lives.

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