Moriah Plath, known for her appearance on the reality TV show Welcome to Plathville, has once again become the center of controversy. Her ongoing clashes with family members and her recent actions have drawn criticism from viewers. In a recent episode, Moriah’s decision to ignore a potential satanic connection sparked outrage, leading to accusations of hypocrisy against both her and her father, Barry Plath.

In the episode that aired on October 3rd, Moriah, aged 21, delved into her religious beliefs. Her faith journey took center stage as she underwent her second baptism. Prior to the ceremony, Moriah expressed her unwillingness to live without faith.

However, it was her decision to get a tattoo that stirred up controversy. Moriah chose to have the word “rebel” tattooed on her arm. Fans quickly noticed that her tattoo artist was wearing a Satanic Temple sweatshirt, which raised eyebrows among the Welcome to Plathville audience. This seemed contradictory to Moriah’s previous discussions about embracing her religion.

Redditors pointed out the potential conflict between Moriah’s religious beliefs and her choice of a tattoo artist associated with the Satanic Temple. While the tattoo artist’s sweatshirt alone is not definitive proof of his religious beliefs, it clashed with the Plath family’s values.

In response to the incident, fans shared their thoughts on Reddit. Some expressed doubts about whether Moriah and her father, Barry, truly cared about the religious implications. They felt that Barry prioritized being a friend rather than a father, while others noted that Moriah had adopted a “witchy” appearance for some time.

While some defended Moriah, suggesting that she may have focused solely on the artist’s talent rather than his religion, others labeled her a hypocrite. The discussion in the Reddit thread showcased a mix of opinions regarding Moriah’s actions and motivations.

Moriah Plath’s recent tattoo incident on Welcome to Plathville has sparked criticism and accusations of hypocrisy from fans. The controversy stems from her decision to get a tattoo from an artist associated with the Satanic Temple, seemingly conflicting with her expressed religious beliefs. As discussions unfold, viewers remain divided on whether Moriah’s actions were a genuine oversight or indicative of a larger hypocrisy.

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