Caryn Chandler, who previously appeared on Little People Big World as the manager of the family farm, found herself in the midst of changing dynamics. Following Matt and Amy’s divorce, Matt revealed his relationship with Caryn. However, viewers of the show were skeptical and never warmed up to her.

When Matt Roloff clashed with his sons, Jeremy and Zach, he made the surprising decision to not let them carry on the family legacy and raise their family on the farm. This was a departure from his previous statements about leaving everything to his children. Caryn was once again portrayed as a villain on the show, with many accusing her of influencing Matt’s decisions. And now, there are reports that she wants to leave the show!

Caryn and Matt have been in a relationship for six years, yet much of the Roloff family has not embraced her. Recent seasons of Little People Big World have shown this tension. Many family members feel that Matt shows bias towards Caryn and prioritizes her over his children.

Zach and Tori, in particular, expressed their confusion about Caryn’s presence during discussions about the farm with Matt. Speculations arose that she may have been involved in creating conflicts within the Roloff family. Some believe that Matt changed his mind about letting his sons have the farm due to Caryn’s influence.

In light of these developments, there is a significant update regarding the future of Little People Big World. Sources suggest that Caryn Chandler has decided to quit the show. It appears that she is tired of being caught in the middle and may want to distance herself from the trolling and hate from fans.

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