Jasmine and Gino, stars of 90 Day Fiance, have entered the “Happily Ever Season” of their relationship, but it seems to be far from filled with love and laughter. Despite tying the knot, the couple continues to clash, leaving viewers wondering when they will finally find peace in their lives.

In a sneak peek from the upcoming premiere episode of the new spinoff, Jasmine voiced her dissatisfaction with their honeymoon, raising eyebrows among fans. Her complaints and shocking claims have left many wondering about her intentions.

Jasmine and Gino initially faced challenges due to their differing views on marriage. They made efforts to find common ground, and viewers were moved to tears when they exchanged vows. However, it is evident that the couple still has a long list of issues to address.

The premiere episode of “Happily Ever After” showcases Jasmine and Gino’s honeymoon. Gino put in his best efforts to make it as perfect as possible, but Jasmine was left unsatisfied with the setup. It all began when Gino expressed how “gorgeous” and “romantic” it was to be alone on a boat with his wife, surrounded by a stunning lake backdrop.

While Gino appeared excited, Jasmine quickly dampened his mood. She responded with a resounding “No” and explained that she had different expectations for her honeymoon. The 90 Day Fiance star stated, “I pictured my honeymoon like a private yacht.” Jasmine added that she had envisioned “a private jet,” although Gino struggled to understand her pronunciation and questioned whether she desired a “private chef.”

Upon realizing that Jasmine was unhappy, Gino’s mood was also affected. An exclusive clip by Access showed his disappointment, despite his best efforts to make his wife happy.

As the season unfolds, viewers will eagerly watch to see how Jasmine and Gino navigate their differences and work towards a more harmonious relationship. Will they be able to find common ground and truly live their “Happily Ever Season,” or will they continue to face obstacles along the way? Only time will tell.

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