Garrison Brown, known as Robert to some, has been a familiar face on the Sister Wives series. TLC fans were surprised to discover that he also went by the name Robert, as tributes following his death referred to him as such. This revelation caught many off guard, as they were unaware that he often preferred to use that name.

The first indication that Robert and Garrison were the same person came through social media. In 2015, he created an Instagram account under the handle @robertthebrown, completely omitting the name Garrison from his bio. However, he wasn’t particularly active on the platform at the time, so only a few friends would engage with his posts. It took nearly a year before he shared a photo featuring members of his family.

Upon Garrison Brown’s passing, various media outlets and even the Nevada National Guard, in their tribute to the Sister Wives star, used his full name, Staff Sgt Robert Garrison Brown. It is worth noting that his birth certificate listed his official first name as Robert. This raises the question of why his family didn’t use that name on the TLC show.

A Reddit user who follows Sister Wives brought up this topic, asking why Garrison was always referred to by his preferred name rather than his given name. In response, some fans with good memories recalled moments from the show. According to a comment, Janelle, Garrison’s mother, had mentioned that they always called him Garrison. It is possible that this was a tribute to Janelle’s late father, who was named Robert. When Garrison started school and the teachers called him by his first name, he never corrected them. As a result, his friends came to know him as Robert, while his family continued to call him Garrison.

Fans of the show offered their own insights in the comments, understanding the idea of using different names within a family. Some referred to it as a “house name” or a name exclusively used among family members. Others shared personal experiences of encountering similar situations with their own loved ones, where middle names or alternative names were used within the family circle.

The dual names of Garrison and Robert have sparked discussion among Sister Wives viewers, shedding light on the complexities and nuances of personal naming preferences.

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