Paola Mayfield, known for her adventurous approach toward her appearance, continues to captivate fans with her evolving style. After recently undergoing her second breast augmentation, the 90 Day Fiance star has left fans in awe of her new figure. Paola is no stranger to experimenting with different hair colors, and her unique hairstyles have been a signature since her debut on the show.

Long-time followers of the franchise may remember Paola sporting her natural dark brown hair during Season 1. Since then, she has embraced a variety of colors and tones, including dark blonde, black, platinum blonde, fiery red, pink, and orange. Her previous social media appearances showcased her with striking platinum blonde locks. However, Paola recently surprised her audience with a more natural look that has garnered widespread admiration.

In her latest pictures, shared on Instagram, Paola proudly displays her new hair color. The reality TV personality is seen lying on a bed, wearing a brown sports bra, as she shows off her chestnut brown hair from different angles. In three of the pictures, she poses with her son Axel, using minimal makeup to accentuate her natural beauty.

Paola engages with her 1.1 million followers, greeting them with “Hola mis amores” and asking about the weather in their respective locations in her native Spanish language. Her fans were quick to express their opinions on her new hair color, with one admirer exclaiming, “Love your hair color, you look gorgeous!” Others enthusiastically supported the change, encouraging Paola to maintain the new color, stating, “This hair color is it!!!” Many also gushed over the adorable presence of Axel, praising his wholesome poses.

As Paola Mayfield continues to evolve her style and surprise her fans with her stunning transformations, followers eagerly await her next move and anticipate what she will do next to showcase her unique sense of fashion and beauty.

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