Chantel, a prominent cast member on 90 Day Fiancé, embraced her adventurous side on the spinoff series The Single Life. She saw it as an opportunity to live life to the fullest and indulge in various experiences. However, her carefree approach didn’t sit well with several cast members, including Debbie.

During the recent Tell All segment, viewers were taken aback when Debbie publicly criticized Chantel. Debbie didn’t hold back as she called out Chantel for her “panty-less” trip to Greece.

Chantel embarked on her journey to Greece with a broken heart, hoping to find love again. She visited bars and interacted with numerous strangers while her friends encouraged her to do the same. The 90 Day Fiancé star even admitted to discarding her panties and teasing guys with her attractive moves.

Debbie, however, wasn’t impressed by this side of Chantel. During the Tell All segment, she commented on Chantel’s vulnerability and the seemingly unrealistic laundry list of qualities she desired in a man. Debbie tried to convey that a man with “six-pack abs” wouldn’t heal her broken heart, especially after Pedro had already compromised her trust.

Debbie believed that Chantel’s approach to men following her divorce was not a healthy starting point. She emphasized that there was no need to boast about not wearing panties, deeming it unnecessary. According to Debbie, this statement sent out the wrong signals, a sentiment that was supported by Tim. Tim, offering a male perspective, expressed that he wouldn’t want his wife or girlfriend to be the kind of woman who walks around without panties in the presence of other men. He believed that Chantel didn’t need to rely on other assets to attract male attention, as her face alone was enough.

As the Tell All segment unfolded, tensions rose as cast members shared their viewpoints on Chantel’s actions and behavior. The discussion shed light on the differing opinions within the group, creating a heated atmosphere during the reunion.

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