The popular series Seeking Sister Wife has returned for another season, captivating TLC viewers with a mix of familiar faces and new additions. One family that has been featured since Season 4 is the Davis family, consisting of Nick and his two wives, Jennifer and April. However, in their quest to expand their family, they welcomed a third wife, Danielle.

Fans have closely followed the Davis family’s journey as they navigate the complexities of their polygamous lifestyle. Now, in the latest season, Nick has expressed his desire to add a fourth wife. Unfortunately, tensions arose when his current wives showed reluctance to the idea.

Nick Davis has been a part of Seeking Sister Wife for several years, already having two wives when he made his debut on the show. Together with April and Jennifer, they welcomed Danielle to complete their family. However, Nick has been contemplating the possibility of further expansion in Season 5.

In a recent sneak peek shared by TLC, viewers witnessed a tense moment within the Davis family. During a meal together, Nick brought up the topic of adding another wife and sought input from his current wives. He emphasized the importance of ensuring that everyone was genuinely interested in expanding their family. However, tension mounted as Danielle’s reluctance became apparent.

Nick acknowledged the need for all family members to feel comfortable with the current family dynamics, posing the question, “But are we all truly and genuinely interested in expanding our family from here?” However, an uncomfortable silence fell upon the table, with all the wives focused on their food. Eventually, Danielle mustered the courage to express her thoughts, revealing that she was overwhelmed with various emotions and struggling with the dating process. Feeling unsettled, she excused herself from the table, indicating that she wasn’t in a good place to continue the discussion.

The Davis family’s journey in Seeking Sister Wife continues to captivate audiences as they grapple with the challenges and complexities of their polygamous lifestyle. Viewers eagerly await further developments in their quest to add a fourth wife and the impact it will have on their family dynamics.

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