The Sister Wives family is grappling with the tragic loss of Garrison, and the Browns are finding it difficult to come to terms with his passing. As they mourn his death, one family member, Savannah, had remained silent about her brother’s passing on social media until now.

Savannah recently took to Instagram to express her emotions, and her heartfelt words left fans in tears. In her poignant post, Savannah opened up about her grief and the impact of Garrison’s death on her. Fans could feel the pain in her words and empathize with her during this challenging time.

Sharing a carousel of pictures featuring Garrison, Savannah’s post evoked an emotional response from everyone who saw it. The first image captured a touching moment from the past, showing baby Garrison holding newborn Savannah in his arms. In her caption, Savannah revealed that her older brother tragically took his own life on “Tuesday, March 5.” She admitted that she was struggling to comprehend the reality of losing him, especially considering he was only 25 years old.

While Savannah acknowledged that her brother is now free from pain, she expressed that she cannot forget him. She described how even the smallest things trigger memories of Garrison. Making PB&J sandwiches, gazing at the sky, or encountering a car similar to his are all reminders that instantly bring back thoughts of her departed brother.

Janelle, Savannah’s mother, was deeply moved by her daughter’s heartfelt caption. In the comment section, Janelle expressed her love for Savannah, highlighting the ongoing struggle both mother and daughter are experiencing as they try to come to terms with Garrison’s death.

The pain of losing Garrison continues to weigh heavily on the hearts of the Sister Wives family. Savannah’s emotional post serves as a reminder of the profound impact of his absence and the long road to healing that lies ahead for the Browns.

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