Amy and Chris’s love story has been a shining example of how love knows no age limits in the world of reality TV. After going through a difficult divorce from her former husband Matt Roloff, as documented on Little People Big World, Amy didn’t give up on finding love. She found solace in Chris Marek, and their friendship blossomed into a beautiful romantic relationship.

It has been a little over two years since Amy and Chris exchanged vows, and their commitment to spending their happily ever after together has been evident. In the midst of their journey, the couple recently revealed their plans to search for a retirement home in a new episode.

Little People Big World showcased the intricate details of Amy and Chris’s lives, and this particular episode highlighted their new shared dream. Chris mentioned that after witnessing Matt build his dream house, he and Amy realized they still had a long way to go before they could purchase their own dream retirement home.

Taking viewers along on their journey, the LPBW couple explored a vast property in Oregon. The property boasted a 6-car garage and spanned across 10,000 square feet. While Chris acknowledged that the place was beyond their budget, he expressed their willingness to find a way to afford it if they fell in love with it.

Amy also shared her thoughts, acknowledging that the house was larger than their needs but still aligned with their preferences. As she admired the 6-acre property, concerns about its maintenance crossed her mind. Chris, equally impressed by the spaciousness, remarked that their potential home looked even better in person than in the pictures.

Amy also mentioned that the property could serve as an ideal venue for weddings, given its secluded and picturesque farmland surroundings. However, she expressed her desire not to be someone who had to work until the age of 85 just to afford such a place, highlighting the importance of financial consideration.

As Amy and Chris continue their search for the perfect retirement home, fans of Little People Big World eagerly await their next steps and the unfolding of their dreams.

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