The devastating loss of Garrison Brown has prompted Sister Wives fans to demand a fresh perspective and reevaluation of the show’s content. The suicide of one of the Brown family members has deeply affected viewers, leaving some questioning their continued support for the series. However, amidst the calls for cancellation, there are alternative proposals for restructuring the show, offering the family a chance at a new beginning following this horrific tragedy.

Fans of Sister Wives have rallied around the grief-stricken Brown family in the wake of the heartbreaking news about Garrison Brown. Over the course of eighteen seasons, viewers have witnessed the family’s growth and journey firsthand. While some remain eager for updates on the family’s well-being, others believe the show should be canceled altogether. However, it is worth noting that Season 19 was already in production prior to Garrison’s passing. Consequently, some fans seek a middle ground, advocating for improved conditions for the children and prioritizing mental health on set. These fans also suggest a complete overhaul of the show’s format.

A Reddit user initiated a thread on potential changes to Sister Wives in light of Garrison Brown’s death. The user proposed various ideas to revamp the show while retaining familiar elements. These suggestions include featuring different family members utilizing their skills and talents, such as Christine Brown and David Woolley engaging in house flipping. Additionally, the fan proposed creating a platform for Janelle Brown to raise awareness about life after Garrison and the grieving process. Furthermore, the fan recommended incorporating aspects of Meri Brown’s life, as well as giving Kody and Robyn Brown their share of the spotlight.

One fan expressed the hope that the show would leverage its platform to raise awareness about mental health. However, others argued that the market for house flipping shows is already saturated. Another fan concurred, stating, “I don’t want to watch a ‘home show’; I just want to see them engage in meaningful discussions.”

Following the initial suggestions, other Sister Wives viewers joined the conversation, sharing their thoughts on how the show should evolve after the loss of Garrison Brown. Some called for legislation to protect children from exploitation on reality shows. Meanwhile, others believed that the series had run its course and encouraged people to take a stand by no longer watching. Nevertheless, some fans expressed their love for the Brown family and expressed a desire for the show to continue in a potentially revamped format.

“Forget cute and funny; these people’s lifestyle or whatever led to someone’s death… the show was built on lies anyway. Good riddance to all of them, and may that poor boy rest in peace.”

“I hope there will be legislation that safeguards children from being exploited on reality shows. I am not interested in anything more from TLC.”

“With Garrison’s suicide, perhaps they should consider airing yearly specials to wrap up the show… catching up on the past year during a family event.”

“I would not only love to see but also half-expect a Christine/David spin-off featuring frequent appearances by Janelle and some of the kids. I would definitely watch that.”

“I think the house flipping idea is fantastic. Janelle can work as the listing agent, Aspyn’s husband can build cabinets, and some of the adult children can make occasional appearances to assist with projects.”

As discussions continue among fans, the future of Sister Wives remains uncertain. However, it is clear that viewers are seeking a more thoughtful and compassionate approach to the show, one that acknowledges the importance of mental health and prioritizes the well-being of the Brown family.

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