Chantel Everett, known for her appearances on the reality TV show 90 Day Fiancé, recently made some intriguing revelations about her romantic life following her divorce from Pedro. She disclosed that she dated a well-known rapper and received attention from various famous individuals after becoming single. Chantel, a stunning and confident woman, seems to have the ability to attract any man she desires. However, her interest does not seem limited to individuals from the United States, as she maintains contact with her Greek lover, Giannis.

Chantel Everett and Pedro were in a tumultuous relationship for seven years, marred by constant drama and conflicts between their families. However, it was Pedro who ultimately filed for divorce in 2022, confirming Chantel’s suspicions that he had primarily been interested in obtaining a green card. To celebrate her newfound single status, Chantel and her friends embarked on a trip to Greece, aiming to reintroduce her to the world as an independent woman. It was during this trip that she met Giannis, with whom she struck up a connection. Giannis expressed his intention to visit Chantel in Atlanta, where they would explore the possibilities of a relationship.

Since her separation from Pedro, Chantel Everett has garnered significant interest from admirers. One notable individual was the renowned rapper Waka Flocka, with whom she was seen together at a college event. Although Chantel refrained from commenting on the nature of their relationship, she did disclose that she and Waka Flocka were in contact. Additionally, she revealed that she had exchanged texts with Drake, although their interactions did not seem to progress further. Chantel acknowledged receiving considerable male attention following her split from Pedro but emphasized that she was not emotionally ready to jump into a new relationship at the moment.

It is evident that Chantel has her fair share of suitors, including celebrities. While fans were not surprised by the interest she received from prominent individuals after her divorce, Chantel remains focused on exploring her connection with Giannis and determining if their relationship can flourish. The current status of their relationship, including whether Giannis has visited Chantel in Atlanta or if she has traveled back to Greece, remains unknown. However, fans speculate that the recent delivery of flowers, which Chantel received from a special person, may have come from Giannis.

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