Fans of 7 Little Johnstons are expressing their discontent with Trent and Amber Johnston’s controlling behavior in the latest season. This has sparked discussion, especially considering that all of their children are now adults, and viewers have a lot to say about it.

Trent and Amber Johnston are known for running a tight ship in their family household. They have established strict rules regarding various aspects of their children’s lives, including dating and lifestyle choices. Instilling certain values in one’s children is not inherently wrong. However, the situation becomes more complicated now that all of their children have reached adulthood.

There’s a delicate balance between allowing children to experience and learn things on their own and exerting tighter control based on the parents’ life experiences and beliefs. Many fans of 7 Little Johnstons believe that Amber and Trent need to loosen their grip a bit.

For years, viewers have criticized Amber Johnston’s treatment of Anna Johnston. They have accused her of constantly trying to outdo Anna and competing with her own daughter. Many fans agree that Anna often receives the short end of the stick within the family dynamics.

Another point of contention among fans is the perceived favoritism and coddling of the youngest son, Alex Johnston. While Amber and Trent have had no issue enforcing rules with Jonah, especially after his experience with Delta 8, they appear to have a different approach when it comes to Alex. Viewers observe that the parents tend to coddle and baby him in ways they don’t with their other children, highlighting a lack of consistency in their parenting.

In a recent episode, fans expressed their dissatisfaction with Trent and Amber’s suggestion that Jonah move in with Liz following her breakup with Brice. Many viewers interpreted this as an attempt to offload responsibility for Jonah onto Liz. They suspected ulterior motives behind the suggestion, such as making Jonah someone else’s problem.

One fan of 7 Little Johnstons stated, “I totally agree that they should let their adult children live their own lives and should not forbid someone over 18 from moving out on their own or push for a sibling to move in with another sibling.” Another commenter criticized the manipulative nature of how financial assistance was used as leverage, saying, “It was so manipulative how they dangled helping her out financially over her head with the suggestion. Basically, ‘You will do this.'”

The controlling behavior of Trent and Amber Johnston has sparked backlash among fans, who believe that the parents should allow their adult children to make their own choices and live their lives without excessive interference or favoritism.

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