Whitney Way Thore, known as an influencer and star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, has faced criticism from critics regarding her alleged involvement in animal cruelty. This is not the first time she has faced backlash for such issues. Let’s delve into what has upset TLC fans recently.

During the previous season of MBFFL, Glenn Thore, Whitney’s father, went to a funeral home to see Babs Thore’s plaque. After his wife’s passing, Whitney appeared to be overly controlling, always wanting to be by his side. On one occasion, she went searching for him in her car, taking her dog along. Sharp-eyed critics noticed that she left the dog in the car with the windows closed, leading to a wave of criticism.

Whitney Way Thore’s recent trip to Africa also landed her in trouble with animal lovers once again. This is not her first visit to the continent, as she previously traveled to South Africa in late 2020 and expressed her excitement about seeing elephants during a safari. This time, she visited North Africa and encountered more animals.

Through her social media posts, MBFFL fans learned that Glenn Thore might have accompanied Whitney on her trip to Africa. One photo she shared showed them on a stopover in Madrid before their destination became apparent when she posted about riding a camel in Morocco. In the caption of an Instagram reel, she excitedly exclaimed, “Habibi, we came to Morocco! 🇲🇦”

While Whitney appeared to thoroughly enjoy her camel ride, My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans were less amused. Many of them expressed their concerns about animal cruelty in the comments section. Here is a selection of their opinions:

  • Criticizing her for supporting animal neglect/cruelty.
  • Questioning whether the experience was worth the alleged animal cruelty.
  • Advising against riding camels, elephants, and other animals, urging her to consider the well-being of animals.
  • Hoping that people will prioritize the welfare of animals before using them.
  • Expressing sadness over the treatment of camels used in tourism and pleading with her to refrain from riding them.
  • Condemning the promotion of animal cruelty.

Whitney Way Thore’s actions have sparked a heated debate among fans, with some expressing disappointment and concern over her alleged disregard for animal welfare.

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