Josiah Roloff, the youngest sibling of Jackson and Lilah from Little People Big World, has captured the hearts of LPBW fans in a short period of time. Tori and Zach, his parents, have a deep affection for their third child, and viewers enjoy witnessing the couple’s interactions with their three kids. As Josiah continues to grow rapidly, fans have been eagerly observing his milestones, such as his first steps and words. They eagerly seek updates on the little one through various platforms, appreciating the love Tori and Zach shower upon him. However, it seems that the reality TV stars have been unaware of their son’s most significant details.

In the latest season of LPBW, which provides fans a glimpse into Tori and Zach’s lives, viewers have been treated to adorable moments. The couple shares heartwarming experiences involving their three children. Josiah Roloff, with his irresistible cuteness, has been stealing the spotlight. Recently, Tori and Zach discussed their youngest son’s first birthday and shared some relatable parenting anecdotes with their fans.

During this discussion, the couple expressed pride in Josiah’s new milestones. Zach enthusiastically mentioned that his son would soon start walking any day. However, as the video shifted to a scene of the couple playing with their kids, Zach asked Tori, “Did we have a Si-Si first-word moment?” Surprisingly, Tori admitted that she didn’t know what their third child’s first word was. She also expressed regret and sympathy for Josiah in a solo interview.

Tori candidly shared, “I could tell you the hour that Jackson said something, the day he walked.” Furthermore, Zach compared how they vividly remembered every detail of their oldest son’s milestones, which took place six years ago. Their inability to recall a recent milestone for Josiah left them feeling disappointed and saddened.

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