TLC star Whitney Way Thore and her father are currently embarking on an adventure, exploring different parts of the world. They recently spent time in Madrid and made their way to Morocco, where Whitney formed a special connection with a newfound feline friend.

Whitney shared on her Instagram page that she developed a strong bond with a beautiful black and white street cat. In the following days, she returned to the market in hopes of finding the friendly kitty again, but with mixed results.

While she continues her search for her missing feline companion, Whitney encountered another friendly face. Let’s find out more about her new connection.

Fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life are well aware of Whitney Way Thore’s extroverted and fun-loving nature. So it came as no surprise when she made a new friend on her vacation, even if this friend had four paws and a tail.

Despite not having found the cat she was initially looking for, Whitney stumbled upon another furry companion. She shared with her Instagram followers, “I got got. I’ve been looking for my baby all day, checking paws to find the right spot pattern…then when I saw this one on the way to dinner, I just knew it was my baby — the way he meowed into my eyes left me with no doubt. I just checked the vid against yesterday’s and lo and behold this is NOT MY BABY. Here’s to hoping he comes back to mommy tomorrow.”

Instagram users suggested that it might be a sign for Whitney to bring both strays home, expressing their thoughts in the comments:

“Ok now you have two babies coming home with mommy.”

“Omg take him!!!! He chose you, give him a better life 🙌🩷.”

“How many cats are you going to take home? 😻 I can see you owning a cat sanctuary! 😻”

“You are a mommy to all cats regardless of whether it was yours or not. You have a loving heart, and they can sense that! ❤”

After the challenging years Glenn Thore has experienced, fans are delighted to see him enjoying his vacation time with Whitney. When My Big Fat Fabulous Life returns, viewers are excited to witness his adjustment to life in Alabama. Meanwhile, there may just be a few new feline friends joining Whitney’s household.

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