Christine Brown has been deeply affected by the loss of Garrison Brown, but she is gradually finding a way to move forward. In the midst of the family’s tragedy, the Brown family is focused on healing and continuing with their lives.

Recently, Christine provided her followers with a glimpse of how she is readjusting to everyday life. She understands that the grieving process varies for everyone, and it appears that Christine is ready to engage in regular activities again. Let’s take a look at what she shared with her Instagram followers.

Following Garrison’s passing, Christine Brown began sharing cherished memories of him on social media. She posted adorable childhood photos and revealed that she prepared his favorite breakfast on St. Patrick’s Day. Although Garrison was not her biological son, she loved him just like her own.

Fans are aware that Christine is still mourning his loss, but it seems she is slowly easing back into her daily routine. In an Instagram video, she captioned, “Man, I have neglected this house and these plants and emails! I actually love cleaning. Just feels so good to start and finish something and leave it better than before!! #neverstops #leaveitbetter.”

The video shows the words “Just doing… what needs to be done” on the screen as Christine goes about her household chores. Although the Brown family will never be the same after Garrison’s passing, many fans were pleased to see that Christine is keeping herself busy. While comments on the post are limited, one heartfelt message simply reads, “I love you ❤.”

Christine’s followers undoubtedly wish her the best as she navigates through this difficult chapter in her life.

Will the Show Continue?

Reports suggest that TLC has continued filming Sister Wives even after Garrison Brown’s passing, which has generated mixed reactions among fans. Some viewers believe the show should be canceled in light of the tragedy.

It remains unclear how the show will proceed in the future, but most people anticipate that changes will be necessary. At the very least, viewers believe that TLC will need to restructure the show in some capacity.

Regardless, Sister Wives fans hope to see the family heal and adjust to their new normal. For now, they can follow cast members like Christine on social media to stay updated on their lives.

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