Ashley Michelle and Manuel Velez, known from their appearance on the original 90 Day Fiancé, have now joined the cast of Happily Ever After? Despite their ups and downs, the couple managed to tie the knot. However, Ashley surprised fans with a major revelation—she is currently in a staggering $100,000 debt.

Ashley and Manuel had a unique love story. They first met when Ashley traveled to Ecuador, and Manuel later came to the US to be with her. Despite their love for each other, they faced numerous differences and disagreements. Manuel expressed his dislike for Ashley’s pets being on the bed and disapproved of her profession as a witch.

Financial matters also became a point of contention between the couple when Manuel confessed that he had secretly been sending money to his family, using Ashley’s hard-earned income. This revelation angered Ashley, as she felt betrayed by Manuel’s secrecy. However, it turns out that Ashley had her own significant secret to reveal.

During an episode of Happily Ever After, fans discovered that Ashley is burdened with a debt of $100,000, a fact that even Manuel was unaware of until they discussed a post-nuptial agreement with their lawyer. The revelation shocked fans, and discussions on Reddit reflected their surprise. Some comments criticized Manuel for keeping secrets while expressing concern for Ashley’s debt, urging him to distance himself from the situation.

Other fans acknowledged the shock of the debt amount but emphasized the need for more information about the nature of the debt before passing judgment. They believed that Ashley’s involvement in spiritual/witch courses and her participation in the TLC show would help her recover financially.

Many fans pointed out that the lack of communication between Ashley and Manuel likely contributed to his ignorance of her debt. The couple’s intimate communication style may have prevented them from discussing such important financial matters.

The ongoing season of Happily Ever After will likely shed more light on how Ashley and Manuel navigate their financial challenges and work towards a resolution.

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