Danielle Busby, star of “OutDaughtered,” has expanded her Graeson Bee Boutique by adding a new line of tween apparel. To showcase the new clothing, Danielle chose her daughter Hazel Busby as the model, which delighted fans who have been following the family’s journey.

Danielle has frequently involved her family members in promoting the boutique, and fans believe it’s a perfect fit. The recent photos of Hazel modeling the new tween apparel received a positive response from fans, who praised her adorable poses and stylish looks. In one Instagram post by Graeson Bee Boutique, Hazel can be seen beaming at herself in the mirror, wearing a fashionable white top with colored stripes and distressed jeans.

The photo garnered a lot of love from the boutique’s followers, with many finding Hazel’s appearance very grown-up and expressing their admiration for her modeling skills. One fan even humorously commented on how confidently Hazel seemed to say, “Yeah, this is what I do, I model these things!”

As the seasons transition from spring to summer, fans can expect to see more of the Busby girls modeling seasonal apparel from the boutique.

Aside from her budding modeling career, Hazel Busby stands out from her sisters in various ways. Fans adore her spirited personality and recognize her signature look, complete with glasses to assist with her nystagmus (a condition that causes involuntary eye movements).

Recently, Adam Busby, the family patriarch, shared on social media that Hazel had a routine visit to the eye doctor. He described her as a “trooper” during the appointment, suggesting that it was a regular check-up for her eye condition.

Overall, fans of “OutDaughtered” continue to support Danielle Busby’s endeavors, including her growing boutique, and eagerly follow the family’s updates on social media.

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