The Brown family is collectively mourning the loss of Garrison Brown, each processing their grief in their own unique way. However, Meri Brown, one of the Sister Wives, has become the target of criticism for her choices during this difficult time. Fortunately, some fans of the show have recognized the unfairness of the situation and have come to Meri’s defense.

One Sister Wives fan took to Reddit to express their support for Meri Brown and address the hate she has been receiving. They emphasized that no one has the right to dictate how someone should grieve, even though it’s tempting to judge others based on our own experiences. The fan acknowledged the negative comments on Meri’s recent post and shared their perspective, stating that laughter can be a part of the healing process. They shared personal experiences of finding solace in laughter with friends while going through grief and highlighted that Meri has dealt with loss before. They also mentioned that although Meri helped raise Garrison, he is not her biological child. Other fans joined the discussion, echoing these sentiments.

Further comments from fans emphasized the absurdity of the hate directed towards Meri Brown. They pointed out the irony of someone attempting to correct her while misspelling the name of Garrison’s mother. They expressed frustration with people’s expectations for her to grieve for a specific period and highlighted the progress society has made in embracing different ways of mourning.

Additional fans rallied behind Meri Brown, sharing their own experiences and emphasizing that everyone grieves differently. They stressed the complexity of grief and how it can manifest in various ways for different individuals. One fan urged others to respect Meri’s feelings and allow her and the entire Brown family to grieve in peace.

While the private struggles of Meri Brown remain unknown, it is evident that she, like the rest of the Browns, is doing her best to navigate through this challenging time. With her previous experiences with loss and personal coping mechanisms, she may be handling grief differently. Grief is a dynamic process that varies from person to person, and it never truly goes away. Individuals often develop new ways to continue their life journey while carrying the memories of their loved ones.

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