Will Klein, a member of the cast of “The Little Couple,” recently shared a heartfelt update on social media about the loss of his “brother.” Fans were eager to hear what Jen Arnold and Bill Klein’s oldest son had to say.

With “The Little Couple” no longer on air, fans have turned to Jen Arnold’s social media for updates on the family. Although it’s not the same as having the show on television, it has allowed fans to stay connected with the family’s activities. As Will Klein grows older, he has started his own social media presence, including TikTok, Instagram, and a YouTube channel. Now 14 years old, his parents felt he was ready to express himself beyond his mother’s lens, and he has fully embraced this opportunity.


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Recently, Will Klein shared a collage of photos featuring the family’s beloved pet, Rocky, on his social media. The Little Couple family experienced the loss of Rocky in 2022, and Will paid tribute to him, reminiscing about the happy years they spent together. Alongside the collage, Will included a caption expressing his sorrow for Rocky’s passing and apologizing for the delayed post.

Although some fans may not have been aware of Rocky’s passing if they hadn’t been keeping up with regular updates, many reached out to Will Klein with positive messages and condolences. Rocky had a significant presence in Bill and Jen’s lives and served as the namesake for their pet boutique, Rocky & Maggie’s, in Houston. The Little Couple fans offered their sympathies and expressed that Rocky had a wonderful life with the family.

The touching tribute from Will Klein not only allowed him and his family to continue cherishing Rocky’s memory but also garnered support and love from The Little Couple fans who shared their heartfelt messages.

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