The unexpected pairing of Jamal and Veronica on 90 Day Fiance sent shockwaves through the franchise. Their relationship announcement during the Tell All episode secured their spot on the spin-off series, Single Life. However, it didn’t take long for Jamal and Veronica to realize they weren’t meant to be together. Now, viewers are questioning whether these two should give their relationship another chance. But are they truly compatible?

Veronica has been a familiar face in the 90 Day Fiance franchise for years, and fans have come to understand her preferences in a partner. When she introduced Jamal as her significant other, viewers were taken aback, as he seemed to be the complete opposite of what she had previously desired. Many questioned why Veronica settled for someone who didn’t align with her needs.

Veronica longed for a partner who could step into a fatherly role for her daughter and provide long-term commitment and responsibility. At this stage of her life, being a mother, she sought stability rather than an adventurous thrill-seeker. Unfortunately, Jamal didn’t fit the criteria. Being in his late twenties, he was still exploring life and seeking new experiences. It’s unlikely that he would be ready to take on the role of a father to a teenage daughter. These differences led 90 Day Fiance viewers to believe that Jamal and Veronica made the right decision to part ways, as they simply weren’t compatible.

Furthermore, their significant age gap and differing outlooks on life further contributed to their disparities. They approached life from different angles, with Jamal displaying a lack of maturity in certain aspects. These fundamental differences in their perspectives and life stages made it clear that they weren’t two peas in a pod.

In light of these considerations, it seems evident that Jamal and Veronica’s decision to end their relationship was grounded in genuine incompatibility. While viewers may speculate about a potential reconciliation, it is important to recognize that their contrasting needs and aspirations are likely to hinder any chance of a successful future together.

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