The surprising union of Rob and Sophie on ’90 Day Fiance’ left fans skeptical of their relationship’s longevity. Their tumultuous journey, marked by constant fights and red flags, made it hard to believe they would tie the knot despite their differences. However, they are now back on the spinoff series ‘Happily Ever After,’ and a new twist has emerged.

Sophie, who recently came out as bisexual, has left her shared house with Rob and now resides with her close female friend, Kay. This development has stirred suspicion in Rob’s mind, as he believes Sophie is cheating on him with Kay.

The couple’s decision to marry was met with astonishment considering their troubled history. Not only did they face numerous challenges and disparities in their relationship, but Rob also cheated on Sophie at one point. Nevertheless, the UK native chose to commit to her 90 Day Fiance partner, and they subsequently relocated to Austin, Texas. However, Sophie’s revelation that she is living with someone other than Rob came as a surprise.

In the first episode of the spinoff, Sophie disclosed that she and Rob had separated a few months after their marriage. She sought refuge with her supportive friend Kay, and viewers witnessed intimate moments between the two, including cuddling on the bed after a night of heavy drinking. Sophie expressed gratitude for Kay’s hospitality, while Kay welcomed her warmly, stating that her home was open to Sophie. Kay also expressed approval of Sophie’s decision to leave Rob.

Conversely, Rob vented his frustrations about Kay to his friend Daniel, referring to her as the “bane of his existence.” He believes that Kay does not respect their marriage or him, and suspects that she is actively trying to end their relationship. Rob now harbors suspicions that Sophie is involved with Kay romantically. When questioned by Daniel about whether they are all in a relationship, Rob denied it. He remains uncertain about Kay’s sexuality but strongly believes that Sophie is sleeping with someone other than him, possibly Kay.

Sophie, however, maintains that Kay is simply a close friend who has been supportive during this challenging time. According to the 90 Day Fiance star, there is nothing romantic between them, and there likely never will be because Kay does not fit her preferred type. Sophie insists that she and Kay share a platonic friendship. Nevertheless, Rob’s doubts stem from the fact that Sophie had previously concealed her sexuality from him, adding some validity to his concerns.

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