Despite moving on from her role on 1000-Lb Best Friends, Tina Arnold remains committed to her weight loss goals. After announcing her departure from the series, she unveiled the launch of her new cookbook. However, the response she received was not exactly what she had hoped for.

While Tina has a loyal following, others on the internet criticized her book and expressed frustration over its publication. The online reactions to Tina’s cookbook have been polarized, with varying opinions surfacing.

During her time on 1000-Lb Best Friends, Tina opted for a more natural approach to weight loss, diverging from her co-stars who pursued bariatric surgery. Although she reached her goal weight to qualify for the surgery, she ultimately decided against it, stating her preference for a more natural weight loss journey.

After leaving the show between Season 2 and the unreleased Season 3, Tina focused on her personal goals and decided to release a cookbook to assist others on their weight loss journeys.

However, Tina had become increasingly unpopular among fans over the past few seasons. Many viewers found her behavior obnoxious and insincere. Consequently, when news of her cookbook surfaced on Reddit, opinions were plentiful.

One Reddit user shared a screenshot of a promotional ad for Tina’s book juxtaposed with a sponsored ad for Ozempic, which they found amusing. Other Redditors voiced their opinions, with comments ranging from skepticism about the authenticity of Tina’s weight loss to criticism of her decision to write a book before achieving her own weight loss goals.

In contrast, Tina’s former co-star, Vannessa Cross, continues to impress fans with her progress and determination. Vannessa recently showcased a stunning transformation and confidently referred to herself as a “baddie.” Viewers eagerly anticipate her future endeavors when 1000-Lb Best Friends returns to TLC.

It remains unclear whether Tina filmed any episodes for Season 3, and more information will be revealed when the new season premieres later this year.

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