Observant Sister Wives fans have noticed an intriguing detail in the photos from Garrison Brown’s memorial service. While both Robyn and Kody Brown were present, none of Robyn’s children were photographed at the ceremony. This has sparked speculation among fans about whether her children attended the service. Let’s delve into what fans are saying.

Heartbreaking Photos from Garrison Brown’s Memorial Service

Heartbreaking photos from Garrison Brown’s flag folding ceremony were shared by the Nevada National Guard, accompanied by a touching post highlighting the impact Garrison had on his family and others. The post mentioned Garrison’s love for travel, comedy, amateur craftsmanship, and adventurous photography, particularly his captivating night sky captures.

The tribute further emphasized Garrison’s sense of humor and his ability to connect with people, leaving a void in the hearts of his friends and family.

The snapshots from the ceremony depicted a grieving Janelle Brown receiving a folded flag in honor of her late son. Other photos captured various family members in attendance, mourning the loss of Garrison. His brothers, Logan, Hunter, and Gabriel, appeared visibly devastated.

Meri Brown and Christine Brown were also present at the service. In one photo, Christine seemed to be holding back sobs as she watched Janelle accept the flag. Kody and Robyn Brown were there as well, with Robyn wearing a pained expression as she looked at Janelle. Kody maintained a stoic demeanor in the pictures

Fans Notice the Absence of Robyn’s Children

As Sister Wives fans expressed their appreciation for the photos and shared in the Brown family’s heartbreak, several individuals pointed out that none of Robyn’s children were photographed at the flag folding service.

This sparked a discussion on whether Robyn would allow her children to attend the event. Some fans speculated that Robyn might keep her children from attending due to safety concerns. Others expressed concern for her children, suggesting that they would benefit from participating in such a healing and communal event.

One fan mentioned that Robyn tends to shield her children from anything uncomfortable, implying that she probably wouldn’t let them go. However, they later edited their response to mention rumors that some of Robyn’s children may have attended but were not photographed.

While one photo showed Paedon Brown, a Sister Wives star, standing with Hunter Brown and other service members, indicating his presence at the event, it’s important to note that he wasn’t photographed with the seated crowd. Therefore, it remains uncertain whether Robyn’s children attended the memorial service, and fans may never know for sure.

The absence of Robyn’s children in the photos has intrigued fans, sparking discussions and speculation about their potential attendance.

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