Whitney Way Thore and her father, Glenn Thore, are currently visiting Morocco, and fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life have noticed a change in Whitney’s demeanor. She appears to be less boisterous and more subdued than usual, and this has been well-received by viewers. It remains to be seen if she will continue to embody this newfound calmness in the future.

During her time in Morocco, Whitney developed a fascination with the street cats, which raised concerns among fans. Some worried that she might try to adopt a cat and bring it back home, not realizing that most cats in Morocco are outdoor cats with owners. On a different note, Whitney faced criticism from viewers for riding a tourist camel, with some accusing her of animal exploitation for entertainment purposes. Despite these criticisms, there is one aspect of her behavior that fans admired – her embrace of Moroccan culture.

Whitney’s subdued and classy behavior in Morocco surprised MBFFL fans who were accustomed to her loud and attention-seeking persona on the TLC show. In an attempt to understand the local culture, she and her father even donned traditional Moroccan clothing, with Glenn sporting a caftan during their exploration of Marrakech.

During a lunch outing, Whitney wore traditional attire and was serenaded by a local artist. Fans noticed her quiet and appreciative demeanor as she enjoyed the music. Instead of her usual energetic dancing, she simply moved her hands to the rhythm. Despite her subdued actions, her facial expression revealed her genuine enjoyment of the experience. Whitney captioned the moment by saying, “POV: you’re eating lunch in Marrakech.”

Fans of the show praised Whitney for her respectful behavior in Morocco, expressing their surprise at seeing this more subdued side of her. They appreciated her genuine reactions to the new cultural experiences and commented positively on her henna-decorated hands and overall appearance. Many viewers saw this as the real Whitney, free from the scripted nature of the show.

Whitney’s journey in Morocco has allowed her to create memorable experiences and has given her fans a glimpse of a different side of her personality.

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