The drama surrounding Roloff Farms on Little People Big World has reached its peak as Matt Roloff refuses to sell a portion to his sons, Zach Roloff and Jeremy Roloff. While fans are curious about the real reason behind Matt’s decision, the ongoing conflict has proven to be a goldmine for TLC.

The tension surrounding Roloff Farms has been a central theme on Little People Big World, particularly the question of whether Matt would sell a portion of the farm to his sons. Matt’s choice not to sell to Zach and Jeremy has opened up a Pandora’s box of emotions and complications.

In current episodes of the show, it’s evident that Zach still harbors bitterness over feeling snubbed by his father. Mixing family with business can easily lead to disaster, and from Matt’s perspective, it made sense not to sell to his sons. Instead, he decided to transform that section of the farm into short-term rentals.

Zach admitted to offering Matt significantly less money than what he could have received by selling to a stranger, hoping for a family discount. However, there may be another underlying reason for Matt’s decision. Selling to one son and not the other could have created even more tension within the family. Matt, who wants to enjoy his later years with his grandchildren, likely wanted to avoid playing favorites and causing further strife. By not giving the farm to either Zach or Jeremy, he maintained an even playing field and avoided showing favoritism.

There’s also the issue of Zach and Jeremy’s work ethic, as they have been seen goofing off on the farm in past seasons. Perhaps they felt entitled to Roloff Farms as their birthright, but Matt’s actions have disproven that notion.

It’s possible that Matt was trying to keep his family together by avoiding the tension that would arise from choosing one son over the other to carry on the farm’s legacy. However, his decision has caused hurt feelings and a rift, leading Zach to move his family farther away from Roloff Farms.

While Matt’s choice may have caused conflict, it cannot be denied that his savvy business move to rent out a portion of Roloff Farms on a short-term basis has been financially rewarding. In recent episodes, Matt revealed that after his passing, Amy Roloff will inherit Roloff Farms. It remains to be seen if any of their children will make another attempt to acquire the farm.

For now, as the sole owner of Roloff Farms, Matt is making decisions based on what he deems fit, without Zach or Jeremy in the equation. The future of the farm and the family dynamics surrounding it will continue to unfold on Little People Big World.

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