Whitney Way Thore, known for her appearance on “My Big Fat Fab Life,” recently shared a captivating video on Instagram during her trip to Marrakech. Accompanied by friends and family, she has been documenting her adventures on social media. In her latest post, Whitney can be seen feeding a stray cat directly from her mouth, leaving fans both surprised and intrigued. Let’s delve into the details of the clip and see what fans are saying about it.

The video captures Whitney Way Thore bending down with food in her mouth, bringing her face close to the street cat, allowing it to take the food from her mouth. She added a Spanish-style music track to the video and captioned the post, “My Spanish baby” accompanied by a white heart emoji.

Whitney, who has been sharing snippets of her travels on Instagram, has a soft spot for stray cats she encounters during her journeys. Earlier in the week, she shared another clip in which she approached a cat on the street. She wrote, “If the ending of this video doesn’t make you cry… The unexpected but serendipitous conclusion: it’s my last night here in Marrakech. My friend Hope just had the most beautiful wedding, and I was almost back to my riad when I glanced at the spot where I first met my sweet street kitty several days ago.”

Whitney had been on a mission to find the cat again since their initial encounter, providing updates to her fans whenever she thought she had found it. However, she didn’t come across the cat again until the moment captured in the video. Expressing her affection for the feline, she shared that her friend had gifted everyone Moroccan towels as wedding favors, and she decided to leave her towel with the cat to keep it warm.

Whitney’s love for homeless animals has garnered immense support from her fans. She mentioned that she had been searching for the cat every day, but fate brought them together one last time. Her followers were quick to suggest that she bring the cat home with her. Comments like “It’s a sign to take that baby home!” and “Omg save that cat!!! Bring it home with you” flooded the comments section.

It appears that feline friends have a way of finding Whitney Way Thore wherever she goes, and her followers enjoy witnessing these heartwarming encounters.

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