Isaac Plath, known for his appearances on Welcome To Plathville, has grown up before the eyes of fans. It’s hard to believe that he’s already eighteen, soon to turn nineteen. With his transition into adulthood, some speculate whether he would be a good fit for Farmer Wants A Wife.

Currently in its second season, Farmer Wants A Wife pairs up four farmers with potential partners. Given Isaac’s experience with reality TV on Welcome To Plathville, it wouldn’t be a huge stretch for him to seek love on camera. While Isaac hasn’t showcased his love life on Plathville, Season 5 hints at his interest in dating. In a slightly awkward interaction with his sister Lydia Plath, she asks about his dating experiences. Isaac bashfully admits that he looks for a balance between a good personality and good looks in potential partners.

Isaac’s Instagram photo with his homecoming date also garnered attention from his sister Lydia, who commented on his spiffy appearance. It’s sometimes difficult to imagine young Isaac contemplating marriage. However, considering his older brother Ethan and Olivia Plath got married at twenty, starting relationships early isn’t uncommon in the Plath family.

Someone has nominated Isaac for Farmer Wants A Wife, seeing potential in him as he navigates adulthood. A Reddit user expressed their admiration, stating, “Dayum… I nominate Isaac Plath for ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’. Can’t believe he’s 18 already and will be 19 in October!! Just got his pilot’s license and is one handsome dude!” The user even added a poll for fans to vote on Isaac’s suitability for the show.

While Isaac grew up on the Plath family farm, his aspirations lie elsewhere. He dreams of becoming a commercial pilot and has even mentioned the possibility of joining the Air Force. Most likely, Farmer Wants A Wife doesn’t align with his interests. However, the family farm might provide him with an opportunity to find love with a potential wife.

Despite the nomination, many Welcome To Plathville viewers disagree with the idea of Isaac joining Farmer Wants A Wife. Comments express concerns about his upbringing and the family’s conservative views on women. Some argue that Isaac should be allowed to live his life as a young man without the immediate pressure of marriage and having children.

Others feel that the Plath family’s presence on additional shows isn’t necessary, considering their perceived lack of excitement on their own series. They believe that Isaac deserves a chance to live a private life, which he didn’t have growing up in the public eye.

In conclusion, while some fans see potential in Isaac Plath joining Farmer Wants A Wife, many viewers express reservations about the idea, citing concerns about his upbringing and the desire for him to have a chance to live a private life.

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