With spring in full bloom and Easter just around the corner, the Busby family gears up for an eventful few weeks ahead. This time of year is always bustling for the OutDaughtered crew, and after the Easter weekend, they will dive headfirst into preparations for the girls’ birthdays. But first on the agenda is Blayke Busby’s upcoming birthday.

The Busbys, amidst their egg hunts and encounters with the Easter bunny, will also be getting ready for a birthday extravaganza. While the quints had been terrified of the Easter bunny in previous years on OutDaughtered, it seems that as they approach the age of nine, they may have outgrown their fears. Regardless, Easter holds a special significance for the family as they celebrate their Christian faith. Undoubtedly, there will be plenty of fun and excitement for the six girls: Ava, Hazel, Olivia, Parker, Riley, and the eldest, Blayke Busby.

Blayke Busby, the oldest of the Busby siblings, is about to turn thirteen. Danielle Busby, her mother, frequently shares updates about her blossoming daughter on Instagram stories. Although Blayke is currently a pre-teen, her teenage side is starting to emerge. Her facial expressions often reveal her disapproval when her mom is running late, but there’s still a glimmer in her eyes that reflects the sweet little girl she has always been. Despite Danielle’s admission of tardiness, she always brings a peace offering for her not-so-little girl.

Danielle Busby recently posted a picture on Instagram featuring her nearly thirteen-year-old daughter, and it is truly unbelievable. The caption reads, “Third times the charm,” and Danielle adds, “Little BIRTHDAY prepping for my 1st baby! Can’t believe she is going to be 13 next week.” In the photo, Danielle and Blayke Busby look like twins. It’s astonishing how Blayke appears to have grown up overnight, with her stunning blue eyes sparkling. She has become a mini version of her mother. On April 5, this tween will officially become a teenager, marking the end of her little girl years. It’s hard to believe that the tiny girl OutDaughtered fans have witnessed growing up is now entering her teenage phase.

Following Blayke Busby’s milestone birthday, her younger sisters will be turning nine on April 8. In true Busby fashion, there’s no doubt that these girls will be showered with love and celebration over the next few weeks. Danielle and Adam Busby go to great lengths to make their daughters’ birthdays special. As for the baby quints, they have also grown rapidly. Danielle recently shared a heartfelt message about her tiny babies and the March of Dimes organization, which provided immense support during the overwhelming experience of having five newborns at once. She encourages those who can to donate to the March of Dimes, as their assistance was truly a blessing for the Busby family.

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