This week, My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore shared a throwback photo featuring her father, Glenn Thore, who looked remarkably different in his younger days. TLC fans took the opportunity to discuss rumors surrounding Glenn, including a rumored son named Keiko in Asia and a recently discovered daughter named Jackie in Florida. It’s evident that Glenn had a certain charm that attracted the ladies during his youth, as seen in the throwback photo from the late 1960s.

During her time in Morocco, where she was captivated by the local cats roaming the streets and attended a wedding, Whitney Way Thore shared the throwback photo featuring her father. Glenn accompanied her on the trip, which received some criticism from fans regarding the treatment of the cats and Whitney’s decision to ride a camel. Following their Morocco adventure, they traveled to Spain to reunite with the rest of Whitney’s friends.

The reason behind Whitney’s decision to share the throwback photo during her vacation remains unknown, as neither Glenn Thore nor her brother Hunter were celebrating their birthdays. However, the photo stood out due to the youthful appearance of her father. Hunter, who was also in the picture, appeared to be around three or four years old at the time.

The Instagram story showed Glenn crouching near a vehicle, holding his young son closely. He sported a hat and a beige-colored shirt, while Hunter Thore wore a striped top. In an adorable moment, Hunter turned towards his dad, seemingly seeking a kiss. Whitney referred to them as her “two favorite guys” in the caption.

Glenn Thore looked strong and tanned in the photo, with no signs of gray hair. It’s worth noting that he was already married to his wife, Babs, at that time. Some TLC fans speculated about the possibility of Glenn cheating on his wife with Keiko and Jackie. However, it was later revealed that he had married Babs after those encounters, and Babs had previously been married to someone else.

While Whitney Way Thore was not present in the photo, it is likely that she had not yet been born, as her brother Hunter is four years older. The photo showcased Glenn Thore as a loving father, which may explain his excitement about the prospect of becoming a grandfather when Angie announced her pregnancy.

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