Sophie and Rob’s relationship on 90 Day Fiance was far from ordinary, with Rob’s infidelity and Sophie’s hidden sexuality causing turmoil. Despite the fans’ shock, the couple decided to get married. As they return to the franchise on Happily Ever After, it appears that not much has changed. They still exhibit dysfunction, and Sophie resides with a “friend” instead of Rob. Naturally, fans were curious about the status of their relationship, and the answer is quite shocking.

The latest stage of Sophie and Rob’s relationship on 90 Day Fiance is indeed surprising. Even during their wedding, there were doubts about its success. Rob had previously cheated on Sophie, and rumors of continued infidelity persisted. Sophie also felt uneasy on her wedding day, interpreting it as a sign to reconsider their plans. However, they proceeded with the marriage.

In the premiere episode of Happily Ever After, fans discovered that Sophie and Rob were living apart, raising questions about the state of their marriage. It has now been confirmed by a close source to the couple, who shared the heartbreaking update with InTouch: Rob and Sophie are no longer together. Their marriage is over. However, as they are still part of the show, they have not yet made an official announcement or filed for divorce. They maintain communication and friendship, but the romantic relationship has ended.

It appears that Sophie and Rob have been separated since Sophie moved in with her friend, Kay, in May 2023. She has been living with Kay ever since and has not returned to be with Rob. While their storyline on the show may show attempts to reconcile, their real-life relationship is already in ruins. The irony is that Sophie and Rob did not achieve their “happily ever after.”

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