Rob Warne had always been seen as the more questionable character compared to Sophie on 90 Day Fiance, especially since he had cheated on her. Despite this, Sophie chose to continue their relationship and even marry him, which shocked fans.

While Sophie was willing to give Rob another chance, her mother, Claire, strongly opposed their relationship, partly due to Rob’s lack of stable employment. While Rob has publicly mentioned some of his previous jobs, there is another revelation that is slightly shocking and risqué. Read on to discover what it is.

In the world of 90 Day Fiance, Rob’s actions did not endear him to fans. He often displayed rude behavior towards Sophie and even criticized her for her perceived “rich-girl” tendencies. While fans could overlook some of his behavior, one thing they couldn’t forgive was Rob’s infidelity. Sophie discovered numerous provocative videos on Rob’s phone that had been sent to him by other women.

Although this revelation was shocking, Sophie chose to continue the relationship. It was previously known that the couple had initially connected on Instagram, where Sophie was browsing a page featuring mixed-race men. This led fans to believe that Rob had some involvement in modeling. However, there is another surprising aspect of Rob’s life that has recently come to light.

According to a source interviewed by InTouch, Rob used to earn money through an NSFW (Not Safe for Work) website. The source revealed that Rob had an “OnlyFans account” where he interacted with men and sold them pictures for payment. This account reportedly provided Rob with additional income. InTouch claims to have seen some of Rob’s explicit content, including a particularly explicit photo of him bending over naked, with his buttocks exposed and his face not visible. The photo’s authenticity was confirmed by a birthmark on the person’s right index finger, which matched Rob’s own birthmark.

The revelation about Rob’s involvement in an NSFW website adds another layer of controversy to his already questionable behavior. It remains to be seen how this revelation will impact his relationship with Sophie and their future on 90 Day Fiance.

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